Call Center Manager

What is a Call Center Manager?

Call Center Managers are responsible for staff in a call center, who they train, hire, monitor, and motivate. Their job is to make sure that the teams they oversee meet their company’s goals and provide sufficient customer support, but there’s a lot that goes into this process.

Overall, the Call Center Manager job description is a blend of analytics, team management, and human resource duties. They develop objectives for a call center’s day-to-day operations and analyze call center statistics (like sales rates and customer service metrics) to ensure that these objectives are met. The main goal is productivity and efficiency, and managers must work with call center representatives. providing extra support and training, or developing new processes.

As part of successful Call Center Management, the person in this role strives to look at the big picture and spot potential improvements as they come. Since they’re in charge of a company’s efficiency, they have to be able to look intuitively at their team to catch potential problems before they arise.

Some common Call Center Manager performance goals include maintaining strong relationships within their team of agents and challenging existing business practices to find more effective ways to meet objectives.

Call Center Managers generally work in one of two places: the sales department or the customer service department. In some companies, there may only be one department that serves both purposes. Depending on the company, this position is overseen by the Director of Sales and Operations or a Customer Service Director.

Education Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 6 years of related experience
  • Familiarity with telemarketing software

Call Center Manager Essential Skills

  • Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical abilities
  • Organizational and multitasking skills
  • Strong leadership skills

Call Center Manager Roles & Responsibilities

  • Work with other management team members to develop call center objectives, keeping profitability and efficiency in mind
  • Lead team meetings and coach and motivate team members
  • Hire, onboard and train call center personnel
  • Analyze call center data and prepare reports for upper management.
  • Evaluate staff effectiveness and performance annually or on an as-needed basis

Day-to-Day Duties

  • Hire, train, and manage a team of call center representatives
  • Work with call center representatives to solve problems like difficult calls from angry customers
  • Collect and Analyze call center statistics and adjust processes to meet or exceed goals
  • Create weekly reports

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