Career Mobility

Personnel decisions are more personal than ever. Welcome to the New ROI — a return on individuals.

Replacing an employee currently costs upwards of £20,000 — and that doesn’t account for creating a business case, the time spent hiring or lost productivity during the downtime between a person leaving and a new hire starting. It’s an expense that can be mitigated by prioritising internal mobility and supporting career paths within the business.

Organisations that focus on internal mobility — and invest in reskilling and upskilling — will build a more adaptable, cross-trained workforce, resulting in increased productivity, effectiveness and employee retention. LHH helps organisations solve their employee skill needs and provide redeployment services to make sure they get the most from their workforce talent – now and in the future.

Building the truly renewable workforce

  • Our approach
  • Career mobility journeys
  • Reskilling & upskilling
  • Talent matching
Our approach

Shifting from a replaceable to a renewable workforce means believing in the infinite power and potential of every human being to grow and re-invent themselves throughout their careers. Internal talent development and mobility is not only the right thing to do, it’s one of the most effective ways employers can help their people — and it’s also cost-effective.

Career mobility is more than addressing at-risk populations or driving promotions, it’s about lifelong employability through continuous employee development. At LHH, our approach addresses immediate redeployment needs and includes future-focused roadmaps for ongoing career development — in a single, seamless, consistent experience.

And for those employees who do not land internally and whose journey transitions them outside of their organisation, we have a seamless user experience from career mobility to outplacement.


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Career mobility journeys

LHH’s career mobility journeys can help your company renew talent, rather than replacing it.

  • Career Management — This experience offers career development resources on a longer-term interactive journey that connects learning to internal job mobility options and in-role growth support. Employees keep current on recommended actions for career growth and development, changes in their industry and access resources that will help them transition their skills over time.
  • Career Boost — Targeted skill-building experiences for identified populations with transferable skills, help you grow your people and drive engagement, while identifying internal source options for lower-cost workforce planning
  • Redeployment — Designed for at-risk employees who can potentially be retrained, this journey combines AI-driven skill matching technology, resume and interviewing support, assessments, and coaching, along with reskilling and upskilling from General Assembly and LinkedIn® Learning.

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Reskilling & upskilling

LHH helps you identify talent challenges related to your business goals and objectives, as well as note skills gaps that are contributing to the misalignment. We also work directly with individuals to determine if their skills are aligned with their career goals and aspirations, and if not, we offer reskilling and upskilling opportunities to close the gaps.

Our career mobility journeys are supported through our investments in reskilling and upskilling through several partnerships:

  • LinkedIn Learning. Over 18,000 free self-paced courses taught by industry experts in leadership, design, creative and business skills
  • General Assembly. Assessments, upskilling, and immersive reskilling to transform employee skill sets in digital marketing, data analytics, coding, product management, UX design and web development
  • Faethm. A predictive analytics tool that helps us target LHH solutions to support the workforce impact of emerging technologies by identifying:
    • Which emerging technologies create opportunity in the workforce.
    • Roles most affected by emerging technologies.
    • Skill paths to build a workforce of the future.


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Talent matching

With our AI-driven skill matching technology, hiring managers can instantly access and review internal candidate profiles in real time to find best-fit candidates for their immediate and future needs. Here’s how it works:

  • Use data parsed from resumes to search for candidates who match open roles
  • Rapidly match candidate skills to current and future talent demand
  • View skills match (by percentage) to narrow your selections
  • Compare potential candidates for the best fit
  • Directly engage with candidates

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