Talent Assessment 

Every person has strengths, and LHH helps identify them for everyone’s benefit

LHH’s leadership and talent assessments identifies clear attributesthatreveals the opportunity in every person, at every level of theorganisation.
With a full-range, best-in-class portfolio of psychometric, multi-raterandteam assessments, as well as work simulations and organisational surveys,LHHdelivers talent insights contextualised to your company and youruniqueculture. Our research-based leadership models can be adapted toyourindividuals and company, and delivered in person or virtually.

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aKumen assessment programme

aKumen is LHH's proprietary assessment approach. Capability, motivation, andfocus as the three key elements to leadership effectiveness and these markthe foundation of our approach to senior leadership assessment. Itidentifies a senior leader’s key strengths and weaknesses and uncoverspotential areas of risk. These insights reveal where development would bemost useful, and what can be done to help leaders develop the skillsrequired to manage teams and drive business success.

aKumen looks at:

  • Capability – this assesses aspects of effective leadership

  • Motivation – this offers insights into what motivates a leader

  • Focus – this assesses decision-making and logic

We also use an assessment solution, aKuity, to reveal insights into anemployee’s personality and mindset and how this may play out in theworkplace environment, and Orion to assess leadership potential.

Reporting is a key part of each programme. We:

  • Provide insights into your leadership’s capabilities set against yourcompetitors.

  • Recognise areas of development that support your strategic objectivesand aim to increase your market share.

  • Identify where leaders may be at risk from certain behaviours ormindsets and put measures in place to manage that risk.

aKumen can be integrated with different assessment solutions. There arethree core solutions available, and each targets individuals at differentlevels of leadership:


  • aKumen ‘plus’ – Executive

    This programme examines four key areas: motivation, capability, focusand reputation.

  • aKumen – Senior Manager

    This programme examines three key areas: motivation, capability, andfocus.

  • aKumen ‘lite’ – Mid-level Manager

    This programme examines two key areas: motivation and capability.

Assessment programmes are available online, as off-the-shelf or bespokesolutions, or delivered one-to-one. We also host a day-long group sessionthat focuses on developing stronger, more effective teams.

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 aKumen overview
Leadership assessment benefits

The success of every organisation rests on the strength of its leadership.Is your organisation acquiring great talent? Can you objectively anddefinitively identify your high potential employees? Are promoting the rightpeople into leadership roles? Does your succession plan have a full bench?LHH’s leadership assessment solutions provide you with actionable insightsinto your employees and leaders so you can make the best decisions aroundwho to hire and when, which employees have the most potential, and whichleaders have the skills and capabilities to drive business success.

LHH talent assessments allow you to:

  • Save money and time associated with unnecessary training, errors made bypoor performers, and replacement costs.

  • Improve the ROI and enhance the impact of coaching and developmentprograms leading to better employee retention, engagement, andsatisfaction rates.

  • Define overall workforce capability, create personalized learningjourneys, help leaders become more effective, prepare staff for futureroles, accurately target investments in coaching and developmentpriorities, and know when to build versus acquire talent.

  • Make effective decisions on recruitment and selection, internalpromotion and mobility, high-potential (HiPo) identification, andsuccession management.

  • Seamlessly deliver virtual or in-person assessment solutions, anywherein the world.

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Approach & technology

LHH delivers scalable, technology-driven leadership assessment solutions forevery need.
Available in a wide variety of languages, our Talent Portal isyour single access point for best-in-class content and assessments. It iscompliant with all data privacy regulations including GDPR.
All assessmentsand reporting can be fit for purpose, quickly and cost effectively, and canbe directly integrated with any coaching and development programme. Our dataand analytics enable ongoing review and refinement, optimisation ofprograms, increased ROI — and we can easily connect our data to your datafrom other talent programmes.

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Assessment consulting

Developing and implementing an assessment program doesn’t have to becomplicated.
LHH offers a range of advisory services to aid in thedevelopment and implementation of your assessment strategy and programmes —from rapid deployment of ready-now solutions to full customisation ofassessments and reports. Once a solution is implemented, we use data andanalytics to measure the effectiveness of your assessment programme orstrategy and recommend how to optimise programmes to bring you the bestreturn on investment

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