Commodity, Trading & Shipping

Commodity, trading and shipping are important industries for Switzerland. However, finding the right candidates for specialized roles in these fields is challenging. After decades working in these sectors, LHH has developed an establish network and placed some of the best candidates in this industry.




Switzerland is one of the biggest commodity trading hubs in the world and has a strong shipping industry. Both sectors are rapidly changing, however, and the role traders and other talented workers will play in this market will change significantly in the future.


Securing the best talent with the right set of skills for this sector is crucial. LHH has partnered and worked closely with many market leaders in this industry for decades. Their strong network and long-term relationships with candidates mean they provide access to individuals who may not necessarily be actively searching, which seem impossible to attract.


The commodity trading and shipping industry in Switzerland is changing at breakneck speed. LLH offers access to the talent needed for companies to be successful in this industry.


Jobs we recruit for


  • Trader
  • Trade Assistant (desk runner)
  • Operator
  • Back Office Analyst
  • Scheduler
  • Middle Office analyst
  • Risk Officer
  • Compliance
  • Trade finance
  • Trade Accountant
  • CFO
  • M&A
  • Compliance
  • Research
  • Front Office Analyst
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