Recruitment Solutions

Sourcing, assessing, and hiring diverse full-time and interim talent to transform your organisation.

The best organizations start with exceptional, diverse talent—sharp minds that understand their culture and values, and have the skills and growth potential to evolve with whatever is next. In short, we help you make the best decisions for your workforce today and in the future.

With decades of experience, LHH recruitment professionals are experts in our fields. We help you align with the experts you need to thrive in yours. Many of us have worked in the positions we now place. We take the time to learn what makes your organization unique, analyze your challenges and find the highly skilled, pre-qualified specialty talent you need.

Whether you need accounting and finance, human resources, IT or engineering talent to guide your company for years to come, our recruitment professionals partner with you to ensure the success of your current projects and future-proof your workforce.

Our recruitment solutions include the following:

  • Permanent Placement
  • Professional Staffing
  • Interim Management
  • Assessment
  • Managed Recruitment Experience


  • Permanent Placement
  • Professional Staffing Solutions
  • Interim Management
  • Assessment
  • Managed Recruitment Experience (MRX)
Permanent Placement

Clients rely on LHH’s qualified talent pool and market expertise in direct hire services so they can instead stay focused on core business activities. Through our innovative recruiting strategies and comprehensive screening methods, LHH provides carefully selected professionals from our network of outstanding candidates, across many industries and practice areas.


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LHH’s proven executive search methodology and proprietary approach to assessing leaders uncovers top candidates who possess transformational leadership capabilities. Our ability to successfully attract in-demand candidates comes from being both industry experts and committed to understanding your organization’s special circumstances. We draw on this background to offer compelling reasons for candidates to bring their unique qualifications to your leadership opportunity and make a difference in your organization.


We partner with you to ensure you don’t miss a beat, keep your business moving forward and highly productive, and provide the right interim executive to meet your goals.


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Professional Staffing Solutions

Our contract staffing services provide highly qualified professionals to fill in for special projects, peak times and other situations. When it’s crucial to balance your workload with your workforce, LHH can provide the talent you need when you need it.


  • LHH provides project work/peak planning support. We analyze our clients’ long-term seasonal and business cycles to find the most cost-effective combination of direct hire and contingent workers. LHH staffing services increase productivity and convert fixed costs to controllable, variable costs.


  • Contract-to-hire services are available for employers looking for flexibility and speed to hire. You can dial up and down without committing to a hire, in response to market needs and demands as they happen. By choosing contract-to-hire, you can make more informed decisions during your hiring process, and you may find some amazing employees in the process.


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Interim Management

In the current business environment, easy access to proven, skilled interim leaders who can instantly bring value to your organization is critically important.


LHH partners with organizations providing independent consultants and skilled interim managers to lead business transformation, carry out high-level projects or initiatives (such as M&A work, rebranding, increasing revenues or profits), and quickly fill critical leadership positions on an interim basis until someone can be hired permanently


LHH has been a leading interim executive management firm for more than 20 years. Our large network of highly qualified, independent leaders ranges from acting C-Suite leaders to functional leaders and specialists.


We partner with you to ensure you don’t miss a beat, keep your business moving forward and highly productive, and provide the right interim executive to meet your goals.


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Our assessment offerings bring you in-depth, objective, actionable insights on employees, so you can make informed decisions about the best candidates to hire, the employees with the highest potential for success, and the leaders who have what it takes to drive your company’s success.

Assessments and reporting can be fit for purpose, quickly and cost effectively, and all our assessment solutions can be directly integrated with any coaching and development program.

We’re objective in our approach—recommending the best assessments in the market, tailored to your unique objectives. Our implementation process includes a distinct focus on leveraging business metrics to monitor the effectiveness of your programs and their return on investment.

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Managed Recruitment Experience (MRX)

Our MRX is the ideal solution for anyone needing to fill multiple permanent positions quickly. With our MRX services, we offer:

  • A client-centric recruitment design process. We build the strategy to meet your volume hiring needs.
  • A fully digital process and centralized point of contact, allowing you to hire in the most efficient way possible.
  • Short-term campaigns with no long-term commitment
  • Built-in analytics and data analysis to evaluate success
  • Brand monitoring and consulting to ensure that you become the employer of choice for talent.

If your company is experiencing unprecedented growth, undertaking a merger or acquisition, facing regulatory changes within your industry, or launching a new product or service, the MRX solution from LHH Recruitment Solutions may be the right fit.


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