AI and predictive analytics that enhance expert career coaching

Every outplacement program today should include one-on-one career coaching and personal branding along with digital tools for candidates to learn, prepare, manage their search and connect to jobs. 


But what about technology to augment the coaching experience and drive better results? And what about tools to assist coaches in the amazing work they do every day? 


At LHH, we have the privilege of supporting over 350,000 people around the world in their career transitions every year. To measure success and power the insights we bring to our clients, our global technology platform captures critical data on the resources and support candidates use, the length of their transitions and the outcomes they achieve. 


That means we can look back at data from millions of job searches – tens of millions of data points that can help power future individual success. 


The Fit4Next story


Fit4Next started with a massive study of candidate behaviors and outcomes. We dug into our data and looked at what we knew about our candidates – things like the lengths and types of outplacement programs they had, which activities they completed during their programs, and when they completed them – activities like coach meetings, networking events, upskilling courses and, of course, landing data. 


We then used machine learning to look at how candidates’ activities correlated to their outcomes. 


We found that the type, frequency, timing and combinations of candidate activity have a strong correlation to the likelihood that an individual will land successfully within a certain timeframe. With that foundation, we developed Fit4Next to make predictions based on this data. 


Fit4Next tells us – at any moment in time - whether an individual is on pace for a successful outcome.


LHH Career Coaches use their Fit4Next dashboard to view the progress of each person they support, in between scheduled coaching sessions. If a candidate appears to have lost momentum or needs to engage in critical transition activities, their coach can immediately reach out with expert guidance for getting back on course.  


While nothing can replace the human touch and expertise of a Career Coach, advances like Fit4Next will continue to enhance the coaching experience and drive even better outcomes for candidates.


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