LHH virtual career fairs

Looking to recruit and hire new talent? Our Virtual Career Fair and Networking Events bring thousands of employers and job seekers together—allowing you to transcend boundaries, broaden your talent pool and attract the talent you need in new, innovative ways.

Hire great talent — all at no cost to you.


Looking to recruit and hire new talent? LHH Virtual Career Fairs are the right place to be. Our virtual career fairs bring thousands of potential candidates and employers together. At virtual career fairs you can review candidate profiles and interview live. So if you’re looking top talent, our virtual career fairs can help you meet your hiring needs—all at no cost to you.


Find an event for you and your organization.


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02/24/22 –
U.S. event




04/07/22 –

Canadian event




05/26/22 –
U.S. event




08/25/22 –
U.S. event




11/03/22 –

Canadian event




12/15/22 –
U.S. event




Virtual Career Fair Marketing, Branding and Reporting is done for you.


  • We organize the entire event from planning and marketing to managing your virtual booth design and construction.
  • At the time of the event, you'll log in and go to your virtual booth.
  • At your virtual booth, you'll meet and engage job seekers via live chat.
  • After the event, we provide visitor reports to help connect you to key talent — all at no cost to you.


We bring skilled talent to you.


  • Make new connections
  • Build your talent pipeline
  • Fill open positions
  • Build your brand