Human Approach Outplacement

Career transitions are different for each person. No matter what role they have in your organization, our solutions offer an experience that fits each person individually.

A Human Approach


At LHH, we provide individualized, whole person support, insight, motivation, and resources for more opportunities than ever before—delivered in a tailored, technology-enabled, human-driven experience.

Programs for employees at all levels

Our LHH Compass program is tailored to meet the needs of hourly and entry-level workers, offering personal guidance and support, and fast connections to jobs that are available now. 


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When professionals and managers need career transition services, they want connections to opportunities they may not be able to reach on their own and support to stay motivated and engaged. For them, LHH Active Placement is outplacement reimagined.


While personal career coaching remains at the heart of everything we do, we’ve evolved outplacement into an individualized, whole person journey that is optimized for today’s digital hiring and recruiting methods. With upskilling from LinkedIn® Learning and General Assembly, we’re helping candidates land in today’s most in-demand jobs.


Our unique strategy for personal branding and connecting people to jobs has dramatically enhanced the human support we provide, reducing time to placement by up to 65%. With LHH, your people will have access to unpublished job opportunities at companies around the world, including our 7,000+ client companies.


Every individual can explore full-time employment, entrepreneurism, active retirement, or a portfolio career. Over 90% of candidates who experience active placement say they landed in a similar or better job, with a similar or better salary.

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The International Center for Executive Options (ICEO) is a global boutique practice exclusively dedicated to senior executives. We’re deeply experienced with organizational decisions and the complex challenges associated with leadership transitions and executive careers.


ICEO clients receive comprehensive advisory support, connections, and resources for all career options—including corporate roles, private equity and venture capital roles, advisory work, starting or purchasing a business, alternative careers, board service, portfolio careers and active retirement.


At the center of each personalized team is the ICEO Advisor, a trusted partner who brings extensive experience in partnering with senior leaders as they explore and pursue their career options. Our ICEO advisors are accomplished senior business leaders, board members, professional service firm partners, and successful entrepreneurs. We surround transitioning leaders with a dedicated, bespoke team of advisors, subject matter experts, mentors, alumni, industry specialists, and friends of the firm.

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Coaching & technology

Coaching is the heart of our services. All coaches go through a rigorous digital credentialing process that exceeds industry standards and ensures that your people receive the highest level of support during their career transition. Our certified coaches work with candidates to clarify goals and create an action plan to find opportunities best suited to their skills and interests.

Candidates benefit from:


  • A personalized roadmap
  • SEO-optimized resume or CV & profile
  • Our exclusive networking marketplace
  • Marketing to employers
  • Free courses—LinkedIn® Learning and General Assembly
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