Spezialisierungen: Vertrieb and Marketing

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Rollen im Bereich Vertrieb and Marketing, die wir bei LHH besetzen. Informieren Sie sich über Informationen, Ressourcen und Einblicke in diesen Anwendungsbereich.




Connecting exceptional accounting and finance talent with exciting careers at leading businesses and organizations is a specialty at LHH. Over 30 years, we have worked with more than 330,000 financial services candidates and placed more than 6,500 of them in the past two years alone.

LHH advisors can help you build new skills, network with other accounting and finance professionals, take leadership training, receive career coaching, improve your resume, and transition into a new role, or even try a new career path. We know what it takes to succeed in finance and accounting and, just as important, we follow your lead to make sure the next stop on your career journey is uniquely you.